Raw Vegans

Raw vegans may be interested in checking out the following:

Eating out

The following places serve raw food, you can find them listed in the Eating Out section.

  • The Raw Kitchen (see also below)
  • Mim’s Kitchen
  • Manna Wholefoods
  • The Soul Tree Organic Store
  • Samudra
  • CNR Cafe
  • Alive Organics

The Raw Kitchen

The Raw Kitchen runs community classes and workshops to educate people about raw food. They also have a raw food and smoothie bar. The only animal ingredient used is honey. All the products are free from sugar, wheat, gluten. For more information see www.therawkitchen.com.au

Passionate Gourmet

“Passionate Gourmet is a raw vegan cooking school inspiring your culinary muse with pure food cuisine. Offering classes, retreat packages, catering and coaching, we will enhance your palate and enhance your life. For more information see www.passionategourmet.com.au

Raw Food Association of Western Australia

The Raw Food Association of WA celebrates raw, plant-based foods and connects the community through events and activities with regular picnics. Whilst the Raw Food Association promotes plant-based foods it is not strictly 100% vegan, as its main focus is on raw foods and it does not exclude non-vegan raw foodists. Most of the food at the picnics is vegan; however, if there is non-vegan food then the Association endeavours to ensure people are aware it is not vegan. They publish a bi-monthly newsletter called RIPE! For more information see www.meetup.com/ripefood or contact Rachan at admin@rawhope.org

CNR Cafe Raw Dinner Parties

CNR host 6 course Raw Dinner Parties on a regular basis. You can find out all the details of these meet-ups here: http://www.meetup.com/CNR-CAFE-RAW-DINNER-PARTIES/