Dairy Alternatives

For a long list of vegan products, including vegan dairy alternatives, see this Vegan Cheat Sheet from Living Vegan magazine.


Make your own yoghurt

Another option for yoghurt is to make your own. Here are some recipes:

The Soygurt Dilema: Yoghurt with inner health plus (dairy-free) capsules (available at chemists) from Green Food Channel - requires a yoghurt maker.

Raw cashew yoghurt.

Dairy Alternatives – Check long life milk aisle, frozen and chilled vegetarian sections.
Sanitarium Widely available- Wide variety of plant-based milks- Coles

- Woolworths

Vitasoy *The purple Calci-plus milk is not vegan as the vitamin D is derived from lanolin (sheep’s wool product). All other Vitasoy milks are vegan.- Wide variety of plant-based milks- Coles

- Woolworths

Pure Harvest organic products- Soy, rice, oat and almond milks- Coles

- Woolworths


- organic/health shops
Freedom Foods Organic products. On their website, you can search for their vegan products by choosing ‘Suitable for Vegans’.- Wide range of plant-based milks- Coles

- Woolworths
Macro Organic-Organic Soy Milk (long life)

-Organic Light Soy Milk (long life)
- Woolworths
Kingland- Yoghurt

- Cheddar Cheese

- Sour Cream

-Soy Milk
- Coles

- Woolworths


- organic/health shops eg Organic on Charles
Tofutti Cheese slices are good for making toasted cheese sandwiches or mini pizzas with English muffins, tomato sauce, cheese slices, and whatever veggies/mock meats/herbs you like. Cream cheese is great in cheesecakes.- Cheese Slices (Mozzarella and Cheddar)

- Sour Cream

- Cream Cheese

- Ricotta Cheese

-Tofutti Cuties (ice-cream sandwiches)

-Marry Me ice-creams
Cream cheese is widely available at Coles, Woolworths and IGA’s. Other products can be found at PAWS and some IGAs (e.g. Dianella, Maylands, South Perth, South Fremantle, Marmion), as well as at Fresh Provisions Mt Lawley. Also available at Kosher Mart.
Soyatoo- Soya topping cream

- Soy whip

- Rice whip

- Fresh Provisions Mt Lawley
Redwood Look for “Cheezly” range of soy cheese. These are good for grating onto pizza or toast.- Wide range of cheeses- Loose Produce

- Soul Tree Glenforrest

- Sister's Supa IGA Joondalup


- Fresh Provisions Mt Lawley
Lotus *Contains B12.Savoury Yeast Flakes are often referred to as ‘Nutritional Yeast’ in recipes.- Savoury yeast flakes- PAWS

- health food shops
Cocoluscious All veganCertified organic ingredientsNo artificial ingredients- Wide range of coconut ice creamThey list all of the places you can find this ice-cream around Western Australia on their website
Life Free From- Parmazona Dairy-Free (Parmesan)- PAWS
Pacific Natural Foods - Chocolate hazelnut milk- health food shops
So Delicious- Wide range of ice creams with coconut, soy and almond bases- some Good Life health food shops eg Dog Swamp shopping centre
Spiral Foods- Bonsoy soy milk- Coles

Notzarella Great for meals with melting cheese eg pizza, nachos, pies etc...- CheeseAll of the places that carry Notzarella cheese are listed on their website
Vegusto- Wide range of cheeses- PAWS

- some IGAs
Coyo - Wide range of yoghurtsAll of the places that carry this yoghurt are listed on their website
Sheese- Wide range of cheeses- PAWS