Meat Alternatives

There are a number of vegan protein sources you can find at any supermarket, including: chick peas, lentils, tofu, tempeh, nuts, various beans eg baked beans, kidney beans, 4 bean mix, refried beans... But below are some more "speciality" meat alternatives - mainly "mock meats".

For a long list of vegan products, including mock meats, see this Vegan Cheat Sheet from Living Vegan magazine.

Meat Alternatives - Available in frozen and chilled vegetarian sections
Fry's All products are 100% vegan, look in the frozen section.- Burgers

- Sausages

- Hot dogs

- Shepherd’s pie

- Schnitzel

- Nuggets
PAWS, Kosher Mart

Bagels and Beyond

Most Woolworths stores
Redwood Look for their “Cheatin’”, “Vegideli” and “Vegideli Organic” range.- Streaky style vegetarian rashes (mock bacon)

- Nuggets

- Pepperoni slices

- Ham slices

- Chicken slices

- Roast Turkey

- Roast Beef

- Fish-style Fingers

- Thai fish-style cakes

- Sausages

- Quarter pounder

- Schnitzel

- Brussels style pate

Fresh Provisions Mt Lawley

Sister’s Super IGA Joondalup
Tally-Ho- Soy burgers

- Tofu

- Tempeh

- Vegie Bites
City Farm Farmer’s Markets

Manna Wholefoods

Nature’s Harvest Cottesloe

Peaches South Fremantle

Kakulas Sister’s Fremantle

Mini Mart Fremantle

IGA stores (e.g. Como, South Perth)
Bounty Burgers- Soy burgersPAWS
Sanitarium 100% Vegetarian company but do use dairy and egg derivatives in some of their products. Widely available. The vegan products are marked with a green ‘V.’- Sausages (hot dogs, vegie sausages, curry, BBQ)

- Not burgers (now vegan)

- Vegie roast

- Nutmeat

- Casserole mince
Coles, Woolworths

Linda McCartney Some products contain animal products eg cheese but they do offer lots of vegan products.-Pies


-Sausage Rolls


Some Coles

Some Woolworths

Some IGA's
VariousAsian grocery stores and some vegetarian restaurants sell a wide range of different mock meats. Some contain animal products but others are clearly marked ‘vegan’.Utopia


Lots of Asian grocery stores eg Kongs