Valentine’s Day Spotlight: GENERICS

IMG_0017 has the lowdown to this year’s Valentine’s Day shopping guide. We visited the Generics HQ at Northbridge and sat down with Perth’s leading apothecary, Lisa Chau, for a quick chat.

  1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I love a nice hot shower to wake me up before whipping up a super green smoothie, then take a walk to work.
  2. What’s your favourite colour? I love blues! Chambray, royal, and cobalt blue! 
  3. What’s your favourite spice? Masala Chai blends
  4. What’s your favourite movie? Anchorman, most definitely!
  5. What’s the coolest item that you have in store? Ron Bourbondy vegan candle –  a fermented vanilla bourbon with a hint of bergamot. Its smells like like Ron!
  6. What’s your spirit animal, why? My spirit animal is the Horse. Adventurous, wild and free spirited, entering into new territory and paving the way for new pathways.
  7. What’s your favourite country to visit, why? Australia… it’s home sweet home! Our beautiful rugged, romantic landscapes, warm summer suns, and awesome people.
  8. What’s the best candle to get for Valentine’s Day? We have blended a new valentines day candle named ‘BLACK BEAUTY’ – A rich, seductive blend of velvet rose, red wine and dark chocolate. 

We browsed the store and found heaps of vegan products! It’s like a dreamland!

Here’s a list of vegan products that they sell which are mostly made in Australia (hooray for local!):

  1. HERBIVORE BOTANICALS // gemstone skincare ( Seattle, USA )
  2. HUNTER LAB // mens vegan skincare ( Melbourne, AUSTRALIA )
  3. CARRIAGE 55 // vegan cold process soap ( Montreal, CANADA )
  4. PARLOUR APOTHECARY // Victorian botanical perfume ( Santa Barbara, USA )
  5. CLEAN SLATE // vegan skincare ( Perth, AUSTRALIA )-
  6. ARTIS CLAY // body detox scrub ( Perth, AUSTRALIA )
  7. GENERICS URBAN APOTHECARY // Organic Skin Food & Vegan Candles (Perth, AUSTRALIA)
  8. TMF COSMETICS // Mineral Make up ( Perth, AUSTRALIA )
  9. ECO TAN // Organic & natural suncare & tanning ( Burleigh Heads, AUSTRALIA )
  10. COCOOIL // #SPF Coconut Oil & Suncare ( Sydney, AUSTRALIA )
  11. LUNA BRONZE // Organic Self Tanning Moisturiser ( Melbourne , VIC)

For this trip, we were able to try some of their best selling products.

  1. Vegan African Violet Candle ($29) – this candle has a classic feminine scent and it reminds us of the movie Casablanca. A must-have for a romantic dinner by candlelight.
  2. Vegan Drunken Koala Candle ($29) – this one’s perfect when you’re having a barbecue with your mates!
  3. Vegan Kakadu Plum Candle ($29) – for some reason, this reminds me of Chinese New Year. Huat ah!
  4. Vegan Masala Scrub Lip Balm ($26) – I used to use sugar lip scrubs but the vegan Masala Scrub Lip Balm is a total game changer! I say pucker up and get ready for that Valentine’s Day kiss as there will be no chapped lips in sight.
  5. Vegan Aphrodite Organic Perfume Oil ($29)  – A very delicate scent with a hint of rose. Probably the only scent that made me say bye bye to Chanel Chance. It’s not overpowering and it gives you a nice top note. Just dab a bit on your pulse points and you’re ready to go.



So there you have it, shopping for Valentine’s Day isn’t rocket science after all.

Visit their store here:

Generics //  Style Lab . Urban Apothecary. Pamper Corner

282 William St ( Corner Aberdeen st ) Northbridge, Perth WA AUSTRALIA 6003