The authors of this website have done their best to ensure the accuracy of information presented. However, restaurants and companies often change the sources of their ingredients and therefore a product or food stated to be vegan may no longer be vegan. We do our best to make sure that the information on this website is accurate. If you know of a product that is listed as vegan that you think may longer be vegan or if you know of a vegan product, restaurant or social group that is available in Perth (or anything else you think we should add to the site) please contact us at veganguide@ara.org.au

We promote a number of different companies on this website; however, we have not received any funds for doing so. Any promotion of products, companies or websites is based purely on the authors’ awareness and preferences for these products, businesses and organisations.

Many of the vegan options we provide in terms of products, restaurants etc are provided by non-vegan companies, who are otherwise involved in animal exploitation, whether through meat, dairy, animal testing etc. Listing vegan options by companies/restaurants who are engaged in animal exploitation does not signal our endorsement for this exploitation, we have simply included such companies/restaurants to create a much more comprehensive list of products and restaurants for vegans to find food and other products that do not contain animal products and are not tested on animals. If we only included totally vegan companies, we would be much more limited in the range of vegan options that we could point people towards in Perth.