Replacing Eggs

Replacing eggs

Orgran ‘No Egg’ is a great substitute for eggs and works out very cheaply – about 5 cents per “egg”. It is easy to find, as it is available in many health food shops and usually in the health section of the supermarket. No Egg is handy when you are baking and using a recipe that includes egg that you want to “veganise”.


Another suggestion we have received is to combine 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of soy milk and sit for 5 minutes. The mixture will curd and become egg-like.


Here are some links to other egg substitutes:


However, once you start using vegan recipes you’ll find most do not require egg or an egg substitute. Scrambled tofu can be used as an excellent substitute for scrambled eggs. Get a recipe for scrambled tofu on the net or from a cookbook and see how delicious it is.


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The Vegg- the world's first vegan egg yolk- Loving Hut


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