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Vegan Cheat Sheet

The Vegan Cheat Sheet is a resource created to help shoppers avoid non vegan products. If you know of any items that need to be added or are no longer vegan please let us know in the comments section below. It is important to always double check ingredients as products can change at any time without warning. The Vegan Cheat Sheet is edited by Tanya Critchell.



Alchemy @Priceline
Australian Nourish Natural 
De Lorenzo @Hairhouse warehouse
Eco Store
Natural Instinct @Priceline
Natures Gate @Priceline
Natures Organics Fruit varieties
Organic Care Kids range varieties
Organic Care Varieties
Ulittle Beauty Shampoo conditioner, Treatment, Serum @Priceline


Biologika Australian Organic soap varieties
Eco Store Coconut and lemongrass
Eco Tools Body wash @Priceline
Natures Common Scents Coconut vegetable soap
Natures First Essential oil soap @IGA
Natures Organics SPA energising aquafresh for men, Shower gel for men
Organic Care Shower milk varieties
Planet Earth Soap and body wash varieties @Target
Primal Earth (men’s), shower scrub, shower gel
Priya soap Olive oil and Sandalwood
Treacle Moon Bath & shower gels @Priceline


Designer Brands @Terry White, @Discount Drugstores
Australis Vegan eye and lip range @Priceline


Eco Store Hand wash and refill
Natural Instinct Natural hand wash
Natures Gate Liquid range @Priceline


Eco Store Shampoo, Body wash, Sleepytime bath wash
Gaia Shampoo, Hair and body wash, Bath and Body wash, Moisturiser, Skin soothing lotion, Bamboo baby wipes
Natural Instinct Shampoo, Conditioner, Nice and clean body
Organic Bubs Baby food @Target


Grants Extra fresh toothpaste @Coles and Health Stores
Naturally Fresh Mint herbal mouthwash @Health stores
Red Seal Toothpaste @IGA and Coles
Vicco Herbal toothpaste @Health stores


Botanica Body crystal
Harmoni’s Kiss Roll-on
Herban Cowboy
Innoxa Free & Easy @Priceline
Natures Gate @Priceline


Banana Boat Sunscreen
Eco Store Body lotion, Extra Moisturising, Light moisturising, Body butter
Eco Tools Body lotion, Hand cream, Heel cream @Priceline
Grown Body care range @Priceline
Haven Body care, face care, gift packs @Target
Natural Instinct @Priceline
Natures Organics Natural skin expert
Palmers Cocoa butter solid jar 100g, Body gloss, Lip balm with SPF 15
Planet Earth Body butter, Body moisturizer, Hand cream, Bath bombs, Foot care, Assorted gift packs @Target
Premium Spa Range @Priceline
Primal Earth Gift packs
Primal Earth Shave gel, SPF 15 balm, Face scrub, Face wash, Moisturizer, Aloe hydrate shave gel, Menthol shave gel, Extra sensitive shave gel, Invisible zinc
Treacle Moon Body butters and body scrubs @Priceline


Botani Face and body care varieties @Priceline
Eco Tools Cruelty free makeup brushes
Gaia Face care @Priceline
Gaia For Men Shave gel & cream
Grown Skin care range @Priceline
Natures Organics Natural skin expert
Planet Earth Face care varieties @Target
Sukin Face and body care @Priceline


B.E.E. Cleaning range @Leos
Botanical Home Fox Fly repellent, Mozzie Mew, Cleaning vinegar, Dish concentrate, Bi carb cleaning @Leos
Earth’s Choice Laundry powders and liquid laundry, fabric softeners, wool and delicates, toilet cleaner, multi purpose cleaner, glass and window cleaner, All in 1 dish washer tablets, Dishwash concentrate, Dish washing liquid 1ltr
Eco Store Laundry soaker and stain remover, top and front loader powder, fabric softener, dishwashing liquid, and automatic dishwash powder
Ecologica Automatic dishwash tablets
Ecover Cream cleanser @IGA
Enviro Clean Cleaning range @Leos
Greenworks Natural floor cleaner, Natural Bathroom cleaner, Floor and surface cleaner and Multi purpose cleaner
Method Shower spray, Tile and Tub spray, Flushable bathroom wipes, Touch Wood, Steel for Real, All surface cleaner, Go naked, Window wash, Daily Shower @IGA @Coles
Planet Ark Orange Power pre wash stain remover, laundry liquid, enzyme liquid, shower, bath & tile cleaner, carpet & upholstery cleaner, and air varieties
Seventh Gen Cleaning range @Leos
Total Fresh 3 in 1 dishwasher deodoriser, freshener and rinse aid @IGA


Amatller Chocolate Dark choc block & 70% cacao block @IGA & Leos
Chocolate Noir Chocolate leaves dark @IGA & Leos
ChocolatierDark chocolate Easter egg 100g
Chocolatier Dark chocolate pastilles @Leos
Choklad Mörk Dark Chocolate @Ikea
Coles Finest dark chocolate 70%
Droste Pastilles 75% & dark @IGA & Leos
Eskal Noble Choice Choc mint, Noble Choice Choc & raspberries, Noble Choice Choc & almonds, Noble Choice Dark choc
Heidi Chocoventure Dark & hazel nuts, Gourmette, Cherry, Grandór Dark Orange, mint & lemon, extreme, Coffee, Cranberry, Pear and Almond, Intense @IGA & Foodworks
Kinnerton Luxury Dark chocolate 85g @Big W
Kmart Belgian Dark chocolate block
Lifestyle Chocolate Dark Mint
Lindt Excellence Fine dark chocolate egg & mini eggs
Lindt Dark Choc Bunny
Simon Coll chocolate 50% and 70% cacao block @IGA & Leos
Sweet William 12 pk Easter bunnies, Easter bunny rice crackle 75g
Sweet William 50g bars (Not Nuts, Original, Rice crackle, No added Sugar), 100g blocks (Sweet as, Original, Nutty crunch, White delight)
Sweet William Chocolate chips, Chocolate Spread, 15 pack original @Big W
Well Naturally Bar Choc mint, Rich dark, Valencia Orange, Almond chip
Whittakers Blocks (Dark chocolate 50%, Dark Almond, Dark Ghana 72%, Peppermint, Rum & Raisin, Dark Orange), Dark Peanut slab


Aldi Flirt Blitz Mints (tin) Peppermint, Spearmint
Black & Gold Spearmints, Musks, Milk bottles @IGA
BOLS Lollies Lemon sherbets, Fruity Sherbet bombs, Hard Jubes @Kmart
Chupa Chups Cola and orange flavours
Coles Choc mint crunch, Lemon Sherbets
Dominion Naturals Sour stilts @Aldi
Extra Chewing gum
Fishermen’s Friends Mint
Flirt Chewing gum @Aldi
Go Natural Licorice
Green Grove Organics Licorice
Jila Chewing gum Mint and Spearmint
Jila Sugar free mints (tin) Peppermint & Spearmint
Life Savers 5 flavours, Strawberry sundae, Peppermint, Musk
Mentos Mint, Fruit, Spearmint, Pineapple
Mike & Jack X-treme sour straps
Pez Candy
Allens Sherbies
Skittles Fruit
Sweet Enough Deliciously sugar & gluten free raspberries & blackberries, Licorice Scotty dogs, Choc fudge delights, Red licorice scotty dogs, Tutti frutti bonbons, Assorted gourmet jelly beans, Orange cream delights, Cherry delights
The Reject Shop Sorini ‘le praline chocomint balls
Walkers After dinner mints @Kmart
Walkers Sugared almonds
Wizz Fizz Original
Woolworths Homebrand Black jelly beans, Fruit flavoured sweets, Barley sugar, Aniseed humbugs



Aldi Spekulatius Spiced biscuits
Arnotts Chocolate Ripple, Nice, Lemon Crisp, Raspberry Shortcake
Coles & WW Home brand Gingernut
Good Health Gluten free, dairy free, egg free biscuits
Macro Gluten free golden choc filled biscuits, Gluten free double choc biscuits, Golden choc filled biscuits, Double choc biscuits
McVitie’s The original hob-nobs
Naturally Good Coconut crunch cookies
OREOs Original and Vanilla ice-cream flavour
Paradise Jam Fancies
Presidor Chocolate lined wafer rolls @Leos


Abe’s Bagel Crisps Original, Rocksalt, Roasted garlic
Arnotts BBQ and Lime & Chilli Shapes
Captains Table Water Crackers Classic, Sesame seed, Cracked pepper
Coles Original water crackers, Cracked pepper water crackers, Plain rice crackers
Cruskits Corn
Damora Whole wheat crackers, Sea salt & chilli, Pumpkin & sunflower seed, Olive oil & sea salt @Aldi
Fantastic Rice Crackers Original, Seaweed
Premium Original, Light multi grain, Light original, Wholemeal
Premium Snack Packs 98% fat free,
Ryvita Original Rye, Multi grain, Sesame rye
Sakata Italian roast, Tomato and balsamic, Seaweed, Plain
Sakata Paws Original 6 pack
Sun Rice Cakes Thin (Sundried tomato & basil, Salt and balsamic vinegar, Rice & corn, Original), Thick (Original, Apple & cinnamon)
Sun Rice Square Thin Cakes (Rice & Corn, Multigrain)
Table of Plenty Gluten free mini rice cakes, Dark chocolate
Valento Crackers Poppy and sesame seeds @Aldi
Veri Deli Crispy Crackers, Sesame, Soy and linseed
Vita Weat Original, 9 grains, Sesame, Cracked pepper
Vita Weat Lunch Slices Soy linseed & sesame, Poppy sunflower & rye, Sunflower oats & chia
Water crackers Plain, Cracked pepper @Aldi
Woolworths Homebrand rice and corn cakes


Ajita’s Vege Chips All flavours except tasty cheese
Coles Original corn chips
Coles Ready to Eat Popcorn Caramel, Organic Salted, Organic sweet and salty, Microwave popcorn butter flavour, Lite butter flavour
Coles Zipp’ems apple and grape
Doritos Original corn chips
Emma & Toms Life Bar Cherry & goji, cacao & orange, fig & lemon, banana
Florida’s Natural Fruit nuggets
French Fries Salt & vinegar, Plain
Go Natural Bars Fruit & nut choc, Macadamia
Golden Days Apricot and coconut slice
Grain Waves Original
Green’s Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs Original, Butterscotch
Hoyts Popcorn
Kanga Coloured popcorn
Kettle Original Sea Salt potato chips
Mary’s Gone Crackers Sticks and twigs, Sea salt @Leos
Mexico City All Natural Corn Chips Natural, Beetroot & Spinach @Leos
Mission Foods White corn tortilla chips
Movietime Caramel popcorn
Mrs Mays Pumpkin crunch, Cashew crunch, Almond crunch, Pom-raspberry crunch, Trio bars, Strawberry, Blueberry
Nice and Natural Muesli bars, Natural fruit bar, 6 pack
Pataks Pappadums Mini original plain
Piranha Chicca chips, Gluten free original, Potato Grills Sea salt
Pringles Original, BBQ, Multiple grain classic, Tomato sauce
R.W. Garcia Tortilla chips Blue, Veggie, Flax Thai and Thin varieties @Leos & IGA
Red Rock Deli Potato Chips Sea Salt
Robern Apricot balls rolled in coconut
Sanitarium Apricot & coconut delight
Smiths Original chips
Uncle Toby’s Simply fruit bars (Sultanas, apricot, poppyseed & orange; Sultanas, dates, apple & cinnamon; Fruit nibbles, Apple raspberry & lime; Apple passionfruit & lemon)
Woolworths Select Corn puffs original


100% True Fruit Bars 6 pack Apricot and apple, Tropical fruit salad
Aribar Chocolate, Vanilla blast, Raspberry
Artisse Lollipops 12 pack
Artisse Wholebar Berry, cherry & almonds, Walnut & acai, Coconut & almond
Eskal Scottish shortbread, Deli crackers
Fantastic Goodies 2 seeds, 4 grains
Freedom Foods Pancake mix
Golden Days Sesame Snaps (Original 20 pack and 3 pack), Fruit and nut, Mixed nuts, Peanut, Dark chocolate
Heatheries Potato Stix Potato flavour
Leda Minton, Choculence, Dunk-ins
Leda Bakery Golden crunch cookies, Choc chip cookies
Leda Chocolate rum balls, Triple berry 5 bars, Apple 5 bars, Strawberry 5 bars, Gingernut cookies
Macro Banana bread mix, Cupcake mix, Sponge cake mix
Melindas Poppy seed crackers, Heavenly choc fudge brownie mix
Melrose Naturals Almond, brazil and cashew spread, 100% almond spread
Musashi Soy protein
Naturally Good Deliciously free choc mud cake mix, Moist savoury muffin and crepe mix
Nurture Twist 4 pack blueberry loves goji flavour
Orgran Choc pockets, Gluten free crimpers, Sea salt 10 pk
Orgran The entire product line is vegan
Planet Organic vegetarian mince
Sanitarium Natural Peanut Butter
Sanitarium Vegie delights casserole mince, Savoury lentils, Nutmeat, Nutolene, Country hot pot, Vegetarian sausages, Rediburger, Tender pieces N.S.M falafel mix
Snack Bar Banana, Apricot
The Gluten Free Bar Fruit Free 6 pack with cranberries
Vitarium Raspberry jelly
Wallaby Bar Cashew Nut, Macadamia and Ginger


Carmens Natural fruit and seed porridge
Cheerios 4 wholegrains
Freedom Foods Cornflakes
Kelloggs Rice Bubbles, Nutri-grain, 5 Grain Mini Wheats, Coco Pops, Corn Flakes, All Bran original, All Bran wheat flakes original, Sustain
Sanitarium Weet Bix, Puffed wheat
Table of Plenty Nicely Nutty Muesli
Uncle Toby’s Weeties, Oats Gourmet selection (Hazelnuts, almonds with a hint of maple syrup) Quick sachets (Brown sugar & cinnamon)
Whisk & Pin Muesli varieties @IGA &Leos


Bramwells Peanut Butter Smooth, Crunchy @Aldi
Kraft Vegemite, Peanut butter
Macro Organic Peanut Butter Smooth
Sanitarium Marmite yeast


Alchemy Tea Syrup Chai elixir
Bickfords Milk Mix Chocolate, Vanilla malt
Cadbury Drinking chocolate (Original, Mint, Caramel)
Chai Spice Natural instant chai @IGA
Love tea & Love Chai @IGA
Nesquick Chocolate
Sipahh Straws Chocolate, Strawberry, Variety pack
Vitarium 100% natural sugar free drinking chocolate
While’s Thick shake Choc & strawberry


Aldi’s Has No… Gluten free rice crumbs
Altimate Foods Natural ice cream wafers, Mini cones
Anchor Foods Sago
Blackwood Lane Marzipan
Bournville Cocoa
Carnation Soy creamy cooking milk
Coles Strawberry, Chocolate topping
Coles Waffle cones, Ice-cream cones, Ice-cream cup cones
Cottees Thick and rich chocolate topping
Dollar Sweets 190g 100’s & 1000’s
Freedom Foods Pancake mix
Gravox Traditional gravy
Kelloggs Corn flake crumbs
Laucke Wholemeal bread mix
Lindt Dessert 70% cocoa cooking chocolate
McKenzies Original chocolate topping, Original strawberry topping, Blue Heaven
Nemar 100’s & 1000’s 175g and 350g
Nestle Baking cocoa
Queen Food Colour Pillar box red
Smooze Frozen desserts(Coconut & mango, Coconut & pineapple, Coconut & pink guava)
SPC Frostbite stix sorbet (Lime, Mixed berry, Mango), Fruit squeezies (Apple and banana, Banana pear passion, Apple raspberry)
Westcliff Smoothie (Orange and Mango,) Fruit salad @Aldi
Woolworths Homebrand Chocolate cake mix, Pancake & pikelet mix
Woolworths Waffle cones, original
Yes You Can Vanilla cup cake mix


Always Fresh Stuffed vine leaves, dolmades 280g
Amys Refried beans, Refried black beans @IGA & Leos
Coles Brand Asian stir fry sauce (Plum & 5 spice, Sweet & sour with chilli)
Coles Mexican chilli beans, Minestrone soup, Organic baked beans
Coles Mustard Dijon, Wholegrain
Dolmio Pasta Sauce Classic tomato, Basil, Mushroom, Garlic, Spicy peppers, Red wine & Italian herbs, Garden vegetable
Hakubako Organic udon noodles, Organic Soba noodles, Organic Somen noodles
Health Rite Veggie salt
Heinz Homestyle vegetable and barley tin soup
Heinz Organic tomato sauce
Jensens Organic Pasta Sauce Basil and garlic
Massel Stock powder and cubes
Masterfoods Traditional tartare sauce, Bacon flavoured chips
Old El Paso Spicy bean salsa
Praise Fat free mayonnaise, Fat free dijonnaise
SPC Spaghetti, Baked beans
Spring Gully Gluten free Worcestershire sauce
Three threes Stuffed vine leaves, dolmades 400g
Vegeta Stock powder, Gourmet Stock
Woolworths Select Liquid vegetable stock


Ainsley Cous Cous, Moroccan Medley, Roasted Vegetable, Wild Mushroom, Spice Sensation, Lemon, Mint & Parsley, Sundried Tomato & Garlic
Amys Organic Soups Veg barley, lentil, minestrone, split pea
Asian Home Gourmet Pho paste noodle soup, Thai Tom yum soup
Changs long life noodles
La Zuppa Soups (Minestrone, Moroccan pumpkin with chickpea, Spinach & chickpea, Lentil, sweetcorn, tomato & capsicum)
Tasty Bite Spinach Dal and Basmati rice, Bombay potatoes, Mumbai Mushrooms, Punjab Eggplant, Bengal Chickpeas
Tilda Legendary rice Oriental stir fry, Vegetable biryani
Uncle Bens Express Mexican style rice, Tomato and basil, Chinese style
Wokka Noodles Mi Goreng


Arlington’s Fruit tapioca varieties @IGA & Leos
Australian Eatwell Vegie sausages(Chickpea and spinach, Tomato, onion and basil), Burgers (Lentil, Mediterranean, Red lentil, Chickpea and sunflower seed, Jasmine rice, lime leaf & lemongrass), Tofu Cuisines (Red lentil curry, Coconut, chickpea & lemongrass), Vegie mince
Bean Supreme Vegetarian sausages, Falafel burgers @IGA
Blue Lotus Tofu & Tempeh varieties
Castlemaine Dips (Turkish beetroot, Hommus with sundried tomato, Hommus, Pumpkin and basil)
Cheezly Cheese varieties @Specialty stores & Go Vita
Coles Curry Pot Yellow dahl, Aloo baingar
Coles Homebrand garlic bread
Coles Roasted capsicum dip
Co Yo Coconut Milk Yoghurt
Element Gnocchi Varieties @IGA
Kingland Soy Yoghurt (variety selection, Strawberry, Berries, Fruits of Paradise, Mango & Peach), Soy Mayonnaise, Cream Cheese, Soy Butter, Soya Cheese, Tofu Products
Macro Organic Soups Tuscan style vegetable, Spicy tomato & capsicum soup
Nutal Burgers (Vegetable chickpea, Mediterranean vegetable)
Nutrisoy Tofu & Tofu burger products
Nuttelex Margarine varieties
Omega Gold Table spread @Specialty stores & Go Vita
Pitango Soups (Pumpkin with Ginger, Vegie Minestrone, Sweet Potato with coconut & Ginger, Tomato with thyme, Vegetable korma curry)
Primasoy Tempeh varieties @Specialty stores
Pureland Organic tofu, Organic hommus 300g
Soyco Tofu varieties (check for honey)
Tofutti Better than cream cheese, Soy Cheese slices
Vegie Delights BBQ Sausages, Hotdogs, Vegie sausages, Soy sausages, Curries sausages, Vegie roast, Mince, Deli luncheon
Wattle Valley Chunky dips (Exotic Thai, Lite roasted pumpkin)
Woolworths Homebrand garlic bread
Yumis Spicy pumpkin dip


Aldi Curley fries, Onion rings
Antoniou Fillo pastry
Birds Eye Corn fritters
Borg’s Low fat pastry sheets (10 pack), Organic puff pastry
Bounty Burgers
 Gyoza vegetable snacks
Coles Onion rings, Hash browns
Coles Oriental vegetable platter
Colonial Farm Spring rolls cocktail
Creative Gourmet Smoothie cubes (Strawberry, Tropical, Berry)
Darshan Premium vegetable samosas, Savoury vegetable rolls
Fry’s Vegetarian crumbed snitzels, Vegetarian style nuggets, Hearty vegetarian cottage pie, Hotdogs, Chicken burgers, Traditional burgers, Sausages, Stir fry strips
Funky Pies @Specialty stores
Ho Mai Spring Rolls, Entertainer pack
Linda McCartney’s Sausage rolls
Natty V&G Burgers Original flavour, Spicy chilli, Sweet potato & couscous @Thomas Dux
Pampas Pastry Spring roll frozen sheets
Syndian Curried pumpkin bites, Lentil burgers, Vegie bites, Adzuki bean and kumera burger, Falafel
Trang’s Spring roll pastry
Woolworths Homebrand mini spring rolls, Select Potato wedges


Co Yo Coconut milk ice cream, Coconut milk yoghurt
Coles Sorbet Lemon, Mango
Frosty Fruit Tropical icy pole flavour
Gelativo Dairy free sorbet
Nushies Natural Ice-Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Royal green tea, Strawberry, Truly decadent tiramisu)
Original Sunnyboy Lemonade blast, razz raspberry, glug cola, orange explosion
So Good Ice cream (Chocolate supreme, Vanilla bliss)
Splice Real Fruits Passionfruit, Orange
Weis Fruit flavoured sorbet (Berry, Passionfruit & orange, Mango, Lemon, Pineapple & Tahitian lime)


Bakers Delight Bread (vegan products listed on Bakers Delight website)
Bakers Delight Hot cross buns
Coles Hot Cross Buns Fruit
Coles Smart buy hot dog rolls & hamburger rolls, Smart buy bread
Falcones Breads
Golden Crumpets Original, Wholemeal
Lawsons Bread Varieties
Mission Wrap Varieties
Mountain Bread Organic wraps
New York Bagels Plain, Blueberry, Cinnamon and raisin
Pane Toscano Pizza Base Traditional pizza bruscetta, Pizza bruchettina
Potts Bread varieties (check for vegan label)
Quattros Pizza Base Unsauced 3 pack
Take Me Home Pizza bases @IGA
Tip Top English muffins


Uproar Vegan Store
The Cruelty Free Shop
Vegan Perfection
Radical Grocery
The Green Edge
Paws Online Store
The Vegan Store
Vegan Online
The Arctic Vegan Store


Allens Jelly Beans (now contains cochineal)
Coles Salt and Vinegar Chips (now contains milk)
Woolworths Homebrand Jelly Babies (now contains gelatin)


The following E Numbers may be sourced from animal products
(numbers in red are never vegan):

101, 104, 120, 153, 160, 161b+g
236-238, 252, 270
304, 322, 325-327
422, 430-436, 441, 442, 445, 469, 470-479, 481-484, 491-495
542, 570, 572, 585
626-637, 640
901, 904, 910, 913, 920-921, 966
1000, 1105, 1518

Other non vegan ingredients to avoid include: gelatin, isinglass, cochineal, rennet, lard, vitamin D3, whey, casein, albumen

Poorly planned vegan diets may be low in Vitamin B12Omega-3 fatty
acids, Vitamin DCalciumIron and Iodine. Well-balanced vegan diets can meet all nutrient requirements and are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including during pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence.}