Going Vegan

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

The transition to a vegan lifestyle

Going vegan is the best choice you can make for the animals, the planet and your health. We hope this website will make it easier for new and aspiring vegans to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. If you’ve always been a non-vegan it might seem a bit daunting at first to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Some people become vegan overnight, for others it is a gradual process. It may be a bit of an adjustment at first, but after living as a vegan for a few weeks it will probably become second nature and you’ll wonder “why didn’t I do this a long time ago?”.

Remember that transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is your personal decision and the approach you want to take is up to you. Below are some examples of how you could approach becoming a vegan:

“The 1, 2, 3, Vegan!” Approach

If you find it difficult to go completely vegan at once, why not try eating a just vegan breakfast for a few weeks as your first step? You can experiment with new recipes and read more about the benefits of becoming a vegan. Once you’ve been having vegan breakfasts for a while, take the second step and make your lunch vegan too. After a little bit longer, the third and final step is to switch to vegan food for dinner every night and eat vegan snacks and desserts.

NB: Thanks to Gary Francione for this approach.

“Set the Date” Approach

Other people find it easier to do things all at once. You could set yourself a date for going vegan or make it your New Year’s resolution (but make this one you’re going to keep). In the days or weeks leading up to the date, try eating vegan food as much as you can. It is a way of “testing the water.” During this time, you can check out vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, recipes and find substitutes for your favourite foods. Once you reach the date, you’ll probably feel pretty confident that you’ll be able to stay vegan as you can see how easy it is.

Vegan Easy

Vegan Easy is based in Australia and offers a free 30 Day Challenge. During the challenge you will receive daily recipes, nutritional support, access to online support groups and a mentor for guidance. It is a great way to kick-start a new vegan lifestyle, with all the support you need in the early days to overcome any hurdles.  

Check out these tips for being vegan.