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For information on how to eat a healthy vegan diet, see our vegan health section. 

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Madeleine David
Naturopath. MHSc, BHSc (Nat), MANTA, MNHAA
Madeleine David is a naturopath and medical herbalist. She can advise you about plant-based/vegan nutrition as well as range of other health concerns. Madeleine has an evidence-based approach and relies on a blend of contemporary science and traditional wisdom to inform her practice.

Kimi Kiefer
Naturopath. BHSc (Nat)

Kimi is a vegan naturopath and an animal rights activist in her personal time. Her goal is to help you optimize your wellbeing through dietary and lifestyle changes and/or herbal or nutritional medicine. She has a special interest in vegan and plant-based individuals and have a large focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. She has worked with many individuals working on diet and lifestyle optimization, thyroid hormones, menstrual cycle abnormalities, sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, immune dysfunctions, allergies, gut problems, skin issues, high blood pressure, headaches/migraines, nutritional deficiencies, liver conditions and much more.

  • Website:
  • IG/FB: @insightnaturopathywithkimi
  • Email:
  • Clinic Address: Como, 6152 – Boorloo, WA.

Jack Higgs

Nutritionist. BSc (Nutrition and Food Science)

Jack is a nutritionist who works with clients to help them on their journey toward a healthier, happier, and more conscious lifestyle.
Jack believes that our diet plays an integral role in the way we feel each day, but also in creating a more conscious and connected relationship with the world around us.
Through nutrition consulting and coaching he aims to not only improve the way you feel in your body but also the way you feel mentally and emotionally in relation to your diet and lifestyle choices.
The services he offers include:
  • Bulletproofing your nutrient intake.
  • Maximising your energy levels throughout the day.
  • Achieving your optimum body weight goals.
  • Improving your overall gut health.
  • Building and maintaining lean muscle.
  • Incorporating more plants into your diet.
  • Instagram: @plantwise_nutrition

Hollie Waters

Dietitian. BSc(Nutr/HumBiol), GradDipEd(Sec), MNutrDiet(PHNutr), APD, AN

As a Dietitian, I help people make sense of this ever-changing (and often conflicting) food environment we live in; and to realise that following a healthy plant-based diet can be simple, economical, and satisfying. I have an unmatched passion for helping you to achieve your health goals through sustainable and realistic dietary and lifestyle choices.

Nina Gelbke

Nutritionist. Nutritionist and Sports Nutritionist (BHSc)

Nina takes a very individualised, holistic and evidence-based approach to health and nutrition, which means taking everything that makes up and affects YOU into consideration, from your current diet, to lifestyle and physical activity, mental and emotional health, personal goals and more! Nina is based in Dunsborough, WA.

  • Website:

Jess Paratore

Nutritionist. BSc (Nutrition and Food Science)

I’m very passionate about helping people ditch diet culture and focussing their efforts on bettering their health and lifestyle. Nutrition is not just about food! I take a holistic approach to nutrition by working with clients on lifestyle, habits, movement, and food. I help my clients fix their relationships with food, learn how to fuel their bodies, and educate them so they feel more confident in themselves and their food choices.

  • Website:

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The American Dietetic Associa­tion has stated that vegan diets are suitable for all stages of life, so don’t let your doctor tell you otherwise! Try to find a doctor that you are comfortable with and that will help you live healthily as a vegan, rather than one that will try to urge you to consume animal products.
Alyce Churchill
General Practitioner
Alyce graduated from the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, in 2013. Alyce worked in many areas of psychiatry across Western Australia and other states before choosing to specialise in general practice. Alyce also has a special interest in in vegan, vegetarian and whole food plant based nutrition for all ages. She regularly attends national and international conferences and education opportunities in the field, and is the WA representative for Doctors For Nutrition. Alyce practices at GP on Beaufort in Mount Lawley.
  • Clinic Address: 691 Beaufort Street Mt. Lawley WA 6050
Rosy Nikolic
Vegan Dentist practicing at Connolly Dental Boutique.
  • Clinic Address: 1 / 55 Central Road Rossmoyne, WA 6148
  • Phone: (08) 9300 1122
Yamuna Shivananda,
Vegan Dentist practicing at St John Dental, Joondalup
  • Clinic Address: Joondalup Gate, 21 Joondalup Drive, Edgewater WA 6027
  • Phone 9400 7050

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Jennifer Hoare

Psychologist. B.Psych., M.Psych (Forensic), B.Legal Studies., MAPS Registered Psychologist

She has experience working therapeutically with a range of clients including, adolescents, families, adults and couples in both individual settings and group based work. Her background includes work in community and forensic settings for a range of issues such as anxiety, trauma, relationships, anger management, self-esteem, addictive behaviours and drug and alcohol problems. She also has experience in supervising psychologists and social workers.

  • Website:

Tuija Kielevainen

Psychologist, Rockingham.

Emma Watson,

Psychologist.  Bachelor of Psychology, Diploma of Education, Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis.

Through compassionate, tailored, professional therapies, Emma strives to help clients get their lives, minds, and bodies back in balance.
Emma is fully registered with the Psychologists Board of WA, and is a registered Better Access provider with Medicare.
  • Clinic Address: Unit 9, 45-47 Marlston Drive, Bunbury
  • Phone:  (08) 9791 2123
  • Website:

Anna James


Anna places a clinical focus on developing a strong therapeutic relationship to provide clients with a place where they feel safe and accepted. She practices using an integrative and client-centred approach, choosing her therapeutic interventions in collaboration with each individual client depending on their unique needs.

  • Clinic Address: Suite 3/9 Atwick Terrace, Baldivis
  • Phone: 08 9494 3770
  • Website:

Hugo Jorge,

Counsellor & life coach

By using mindfulness and other effective evidence-based interventions, I can literally help you find and maintain the best version of yourself. Discover your potential, uncover hidden tastes and talents, improve existing relationships and refine your social skills, take your performance and productivity remarkably higher, feel equipped to make better decisions, find success, and deal with transition and uncertainty in a way that honours your wellbeing and peace of mind.

In my view, this is what Counselling and Coaching are all about – more than beautiful concepts, they’re useful tools to make your life better.

  • Clinic Address:64 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151
  • Phone: +61422306624
  • Website:

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Bill Norton

Health and Fitness Coach. Cert IV in Fitness, Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, and Advanced First Aid + CPR.

Neil Whyte

Health and Fitness Coach

  • Website:
  • Address: Natures Paradise, 2621 Weir Village rd, Mundaring 6073
  • Phone: 0412 977 487

Addison Axe

Health and Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 0478 554 131
  • Email:
  • Address: 4 / 10 Rees St, O’Connor WA 6162

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West Coast Physiques

Plant-Based gym in Burswood which also offers massage therapy.

  • Website:
  • Address:  G03/118 Goodwood Pde., Burswood WA 6100
  • Phone: 0499 968 752

Powers Training (PTHQ)

Whole Food Plant-Based Gym. Educating people with the principals of how to build lean muscle mass, lose body fat, with a Whole Foods Plant based lifestyle and the knowledge for people to maintain this for themselves.

  • Website:
  • Address: 98 Scarborough Beach Rd
    Mount Hawthorn, WA 6016
  • Phone: +61437774757


Vegan Runners WA

Vegan Cyclists WA


You can purchase a whole range of vegan health products and supplements from Perth’s own La Vida Vegan Grocery Store.