Will’s Vegan LDN Biodegradable Sneakers Grey

Good quality, non-leather shoes are becoming increasingly easy to find in Australia. Unfortunately for Perth residents, most of these brands can only be currently purchased online.

If you’re looking to buy non-leather, vegan shoes in Perth there are still a multitude of options. Many low-end shoe stores carry synthetic, non-leather options but it is worth contacting the manufacturer to determine whether the bonding agents used in production are vegan friendly. If you come across any brands or stores that we haven’t listed, please contact

For more information on vegan athletic shoe options, visit The Pretty Planteer.

Vegan Style

Located in Melbourne

Bourgeois Boheme

Ethical & eco-friendly

Located in the UK; made in Portugal

Vegetarian Shoes

Located in the UK

Moo Shoes

Located in NYC

Etiko Shoes

Located in Australia

Vegan Shoes

Beyond Skin

Located in the UK


Located in Los Angeles


Located in the UK


Located in Canada

Women's Vegan Shoes & Footwear


Located in the USA


Located in the UK


Located in the USA

Human Kind

Australian online store