Many alcoholic drinks are clarified using animal products such as blood, chitin, egg albumen, isinglass, and modified casein. However, there are also many alcoholic drinks that are suitable for vegans. Spirits are almost always vegan. Cider and beer are usually vegan, especially if they’re cloudy. Beer from microbreweries is more likely to be vegan as it is less likely to have been filtered or contain preservatives. Companies have to list dairy, egg or fish products involved in processing the drink on the label, however, ingredients such as gelatine do not have to be listed.[1] You can always call the company and check if any such products are involved in your favourite drink, or search with Google.

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There are some great WA wineries that have vegan-friendly wine (thanks to Australian Vegan Wines for many of the items on this list):

  • Amelia Park (All wines are vegan.)
  • Ashbrook Estate (All wines are vegan.)
  • Churchview Estate (The Churchview Estate, St Johns and Bartondale ranges are suitable for vegans. If you let them know that you’re vegan when you visit, they can guide you through the wines.)
  • Cullen Wines (All wines are vegan. Biodynamic and they can make a vegan meal for lunch.)
  • Fraser Gallop Estate (All wines excluding the Estate SSB and the Estate Chardonnay are vegan.)
  • Juniper Estate (Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon are vegan)
  • Lamont’s Smith Beach (All reds are vegan, and they have a preservative-free vegan chardonnay.)
  • Settlers Ridge Organic Wines (They are informed about isinglass and want to promote the fact that their wines are organic, mostly vegan. All their whites are vegan but please be aware that they often use egg whites in their reds.)
  • Sandalford Estate (Most wines are vegan, see Barnivore for details or contact Sandalford for a list.)
  • Woodlands (All wines are vegan.)
  • Xanadu (All wines are vegan unless a non-vegan fining agent is declared on the label.)

There are also great vegan-friendly wines from other parts of Australia, including:

  • Angove (The Shiraz cabernet and Sauvignon blanc are reportedly vegan, organic, and inexpensive. They also distribute Temple Bruer wines, all of which are vegan.)
  • Yalumba (All wines from 2012 onwards are vegan. See this .pdf list regarding suitable wines pre-2012.)

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Beer and cider

Companies with vegan-friendly beer or cider include:

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[1] Some of this information is based on the alcohol section of the ‘veg*n shopper: an essential pocket reference’ by Emily Clark (pages 23-24).