La Vida Vegan Grocery Store in Subiaco, WA

All major supermarkets stock a vast range of vegan products these days even in regional WA. All supermarkets have a range of fruits, vegetables, non-dairy milks, beans, lentils, nuts, tofu, bread, rice, pasta… For more luxury products, see the health food section for products such as vegan chocolates and chips. The chilled section offers a section of mock meats and dairy substitutes, as well as tofu, tempeh and fermented foods. In the frozen section you can usually find mock meats and more processed foods. Even if you are time-poor you can find excellent pre-made meals and quick pantry options.

Visit your local specialty stores for more unique vegan products and wider product ranges. Health food shops and specialist organic stores will often stock a range of vegan food products, as well as vegan household products. We are lucky to have an excellent 100% vegan grocery store in Subiaco – La Vida Vegan! When you are not shopping at such cruelty-free shops, read the label carefully for animal products. You will soon learn the names of the different animal ingredients and what is vegan and what is not. It will get easier and easier as time goes on, and is likely to become second nature to you in not too long.

Hot Tip: Save time reading labels and searching online by download the Fussy Vegan App so you can simply scan items to see if they are vegan friendly!

‘This product may contain traces of…’

You might worry that a product isn’t vegan due to ‘may contain’ labelling. This labelling is usually due to cross contamination potential in manufacturing facilities which companies have a duty to disclose in case of allergies.

“Many manufacturers use one facility to make multiple products. That chocolate bar might have been made on shared equipment with a non-vegan product. It can also come from workers’ gloves or other by other means, like being stored in the same building. Even with cleaning and sanitizing, traces of an allergen may be enough to spark a reaction in certain people.”.[1]

It is up to the individual to decide if they wish to consume these products, but their purchase is not directly supporting the animal exploitation industry and is widely considered as vegan.


[1] LiveKindly article – 2019